Paper Piecing Memories by Babs

Paper Piecing Memories by Babs

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Card Making

Making cards is probably one of my favorite type of paper crafting project. So many possibilities! They are like little works of art and you can  really get involved with embellishing them.

I normally make cards that are either 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 or 5 x 7. When making cards with paper piecings, I reduce the paper piecing size, so that they are 4 inches or smaller when completed. This makes it so you have room to add other items to your card.

Here are a few cards I've created:

An Action Wobble is attached beneath the head, allowing the bear's head to bobble.

Here are many of the paper piecings I've worked on over the past few weeks. Many people ask about chalking techniques and the best advice I can give is, lots of practice and patience. Eyes are created with subtle detailing and the slightest detail, such as white dots on the eyes, give the eyes some personality. Try to find a unique look, that works for you.  

These Tic Tac covers are the cutest from Treasure Box Designs!